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The Bridges of Kauai County

As you travel along the scenic North Shore of Kaua’i you will come upon a number of one-lane bridges after leaving Princeville. If you are unfamiliar with bridge etiquette, the following tips will help ensure safe and courteous driving. These may seem like common sense, however there are daily navigational challenges that have prompted these tips to be written up. Indulge yourself for a few minutes, if only for amusement purposes.

When approaching the one-lane bridges, yield signs and white lines indicate where cars need to stop to allow on-coming traffic to pass safely. Driving beyond these white lines, without noticing if there are on-coming cars leads to traffic jams, accidents and locals giving you stink eye.

Many of these bridges are positioned on curves making quick assessments difficult as to whether a car is coming or waiting. It’s advisable to stop if visibility is limited before committing yourself to the bridge. Waioli, the one-lane bridge leaving Hanalei is a great example of this. Remember, go slow to go fast.

If you are the first car to arrive at the bridge and no one else is waiting on the other side, proceed slowly and enjoy the view. But please, no stopping for pictures.

If you are in a short line of traffic and someone is waiting to cross from the other side, it is OK to go if you are the second or third car. However, somewhere after the fourth or fifth car it is polite to stop and allow those on the other side to proceed across. You’ll know you gauged this right if a local gives you the shaka sign      for waiting.

Lastly, if you and another car appear to be approaching the bridges at the same time, it is better to stop than race to get over first. There’s “no hurries, no worries” here, besides its your vacation, relax and enjoy.

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